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“Hesperia is the name with which the Greeks originally designated the western lands on the side of Hesperus (vesper = evening), where the sun sets. The term was also widely applied by Latin poets to indicate Italy.”

1952 - 2024

A temple of light, since 1952

Esperia has been producing high-end decorative light fittings since 1952, in Tuscany. Design, material, art and innovation.

These are our values.

Starting from these values, we create objects without compromise, to offer those who choose them the opportunity to experience incomparable emotions, every evening.

Over 70 years of experience

Poggibonsi, 1952. Three enterprising young friends started a project to follow their dream of establishing a company in post-war Italy.

The company immediately expressed a strong bond with the Tuscan district, historically dedicated to the glass manufacturing sector and, later, to the furniture sector as well.

Starting from the 1960’s, it expanded its production to the entire lighting technology sector, through an important structural and productive development.

In the same years, Esperia began a fruitful and lasting collaboration with Prof. Angelo Brotto.

The first exhibitions date back to this period, including the company's debut at the Salone del Mobile, the international furniture fair held in Milan, with its participation in Euroluce in 1969, the first of a long series.

This enabled the brand to gain an important international reputation and to start new collaborations with leading glassmaking companies such as Venini.

Esperia’s in-house style centre designs and manufactures the creations, including the custommade sector, controlling the entire production process distributed in the various Tuscan districts.

Thanks to the experience gained over more than 70 years of history, Esperia is now a company of excellence, fully committed to the research and development of innovative and contemporary projects.

Materials and workmanship

The Esperia collection originates from a rich palette of materials.

Our creations include noble materials such as leather, cast brass and cast aluminium, Colle Val d'Elsa glass and crystal, worked with masterly skill by the craftsmen of our production district and represent the starting point for iconic light sculptures and for custom-made creations for the retail and contract scenarios.

Esperia has always been committed to research on the processing of materials aimed at obtaining rich and unexpected results, and makes use of the most important manufacturers for the processing of metals (iron, brass and aluminium), as well as crystal and glass.

The multiple processes are finished by hand, establishing a dialogue between the materials used and the final result of the product.

The finishes have the most diverse yields and range from the most precious ones such as gold leaf and silver leaf, to manual burnishing and satin finishing, up to galvanic baths.

By keeping a strong bond with artistic manufacturing, each lamp represents a unique and exclusive sculpture, defining the distinctive signature of Esperia.