Welcome to the world of Esperia.

Milan Design Week 2019- Brera Design Apartment – Via Palermo 1, Milan
Thank you for your visit at Planetario, an interior design project by Cristina Celestino.



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“Hesperia is the name with which the Greeks originally designated the western lands, in the direction of the sunset (vesper = evening). The name was also used by the Latin poets to indicate Italy.”
Esperia was founded in 1952 in Siena, Tuscany, a place full of history, located in the territory of upper Val d’Elsa, at the western spurs of the hills of Chianti.
Today Esperia is an example of excellence, engaged on a daily basis in research and development for the creation of innovative contemporary projects.

Esperia’s production is composed of unique “art” lamps crafted and assembled by hand, thanks to the experience gained in over 65 years of history.
The materials, including the brass and crystal of Colle Val d’Elsa, the true distinctive signature of Esperia, are crafted with great skill by the artisans of the district, and represent the starting point for iconic luminous sculptures, as well as custom creations for the retail and contract sectors.